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About South Coast First Aid Training

Greg and Colleen established South Coast First Aid Training in 2009.  As a paramedic Greg would often hear people wishing they had known what they could have done to help a friend or loved one in their time of need.  This fuelled Greg’s desire to teach people practical first aid in a manner that would empower them to be confident in providing first aid assistance should the need arise.

When you complete your first aid training with us chances are either Greg or Wendy will be your trainer on the day.  Both Greg and Wendy are very passionate about empowering people with the knowledge and skills to provide first aid assistance should the need arise.  Being a current paramedic keeps Greg up-to-date with of all the current procedures and practices in regards to all aspects of first aid.  Wendy is a qualified nutritionist and has an extensive pharmaceutical background.  Both trainers provide exceptional training.

We understand sometimes people have reservations regarding learning first aid.  Our training sessions are conducted in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere with our ultimate aim to provide a positive experience for everyone.  All instructions and information is delivered in a clear and relaxed manner.

Chances are at some point through your journey with South Coast First Aid you will meet Colleen.  Colleen is the office all-rounder.  If you have any questions regarding course dates, private courses, first aid products, e-learning, accounts or you have received a reminder that your qualification is due for renewal just call Colleen and she will help you out.

Greg and Colleen White