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About South Coast First Aid Training

Greg and Colleen White established South Coast First Aid Training in 2009.  As a paramedic Greg would often hear people wishing they had known what they could have done to help a friend or loved one in their time of need.  This fuelled Greg’s desire to teach people practical first aid in a manner that would empower them to be confident in providing first aid assistance should the need arise.

In 2019 Greg and Colleen White handed the South Coast First Aid Training baton To Colleen Allan.

Colleen Allan, has 16 years experience in training people from all walks of life. Throughout this time Colleen has developed and facilitated the following courses, for a number of organisations, in both the public and private sectors; Provide First Aid, Provide CPR, Provide Advanced First Aid, Provide an Emergency First Aid Response in an Education and Care Setting, Advanced Resuscitation, Spinal Management and Provide First Aid in a Remote Situation.

The South Coast First Aid Training team are specialists in CPR and First Aid education.  Our team of facilitators include Paramedics, Midwives, Registered and Enrolled nurses. We offer nationally recognised, WorkCover and ACECQA approved public and private courses as well as workshops specifically designed for your groups needs.

Our courses are contextualised to your needs and focus on the practical application of first aid skills with scenario based training. These techniques bridge the gap between the classroom environment and real life situations. The overall goal is to improve your confidence and ability to respond in an emergency situation.