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South Coast

First Aid

At South Coast First Aid, we are dedicated to providing award winning first aid training throughout Shoalhaven, as well as a comprehensive range of first aid products perfect for both businesses and individuals Australia wide.


Find out more about our award winning first aid courses conducted throughout the Shoalhaven area.  All training is conducted under the auspice of Healthcorp – RTO# 91222

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Learn more about how your group or business can transform workplaces and communities to become Heart Smart and prepared for cardiac emergencies.

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Heart Smart

South Coast First Aid has also joined forces with HeartSine in an effort to transform Shoalhaven into a Heart Smart Community. Our aim is to not only raise awareness of sudden cardiac arrest, but to also increase the number of public access defibrillators that will allow for life saving responses to this kind of emergency.

Sudden cardiac arrest affects tens of thousands of Australians every year, and thus we believe that the most effective way to deal with it is to:

Empower the community with skills and knowledge

Help the victims of this life threatening condition

Find out how your group or business can join this initiative to make Shoalhaven a Heart Smart Community by contacting us today.


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